TAKE YOUR SELF LOVE to the sensual level

Vancouver Boudoir Gallery

The only one missing, is you!

Boudoir Portfolio Highlights.

I pride myself in celebrating women and anyone wanting to connect with their femme essence. I welcome women and non-binary folks from all walks of life, in all stages of life, and of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds.

My approach to boudoir photography has always been to create soulful and evocative images that truly capture the unique essence of everyone I create for.

And in case you’re wondering, I also walk the talk and often have stepped in front of the camera, as I believe deeply in the power of photography to heal, transform and energize our spirits! Nothing says self love like allowing yourself to be vulnerable and receive.

The portraits we create together will unleash your inner wild, untamed, unapologetic, sensual self!

Oh and bonus, you get to meet my dog Cupcake at my studio, many of my clients have shared she should be a therapy dog!

PS: While I specialize in Black and White Photography I will always give you the option of either colour or black and white for your chosen portraits.