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I want you to give yourself a hug from my, because I think you are super amazing for starting the process to having art made of you for you! It's a big step, and one that I know can be scary af, but I promise it will be empowering, fun and possibly even transformative!

Next steps to look forward too: we will have your consultation where I will tell you more about me, hear more about you and share how my process and pricing works. Then if all goes well and we are a good fit we will get you on our calendar right away! Please note that we book out about a month in advance, sometimes two months in advance during the busy season. Remember, the time is now, not 10 lbs from now, you got this and are worthy of being celebrated today!

Your cheerleader,

Give yourself a

today is the day

You make yourself a priority!

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The time is now!

Discovery Call

The first step to our process is to hop on a discovery call. I'll give you all the information you need to know ahead of booking your session.

My Promise to You

To provide a safe space where you can express yourself without judgment. To be your cheerleader, celebrating who you are now and honouring the journey that got you here. I am here to fill you with high vibes and remind you that you are an f'ing fabulous and fierce queen!

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