Ways to work with me

As a portrait photographer I focus my energy on Boudoir and Personal Brand Photography.

As a Coach/Mentor I love to work with Photographers and creatives to help clear blocks so that you can have a business and life that allows you to be a full expression of yourself and not burn out! I am here to answer any calls you may have when it comes to any of my services so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Brand Photography & Headshots

Brand Photography and Headshots
oozing with Personality.

Boudoir & Portraits

Intimate Portraits that connect with
your essence.

Coaching & Mentoring

As your Coach and Mentor I will share my knowledge, while also reflecting your blind spots back at you so that you can take aligned, inspired action to reach your fullest potential.



Having a fully aligned
and embodied business
is possible, I’d love to
show you!

Photographer friends, I see you! I see that you are spinning your wheels and ready to burn it all down.

But before you do that, let’s work together because I too have felt that and was able to turn things around, and I know I can help you too!

self portrait of vancouver boudoir photographer Michele Mateus

Speaking & Podcasts

I have been invited to speak on National Television, Podcasts and events about the following topics, and I’d love to speak at yours!

– Working towards body acceptance

  • Working towards body acceptance
  • The importance of showing up and telling your story
  • Living with Multiple Sclerosis as an entrepreneur
  • The importance of showing up and telling your story
  • Ditching the hustle for a life in alignment
  • The power of portraits to heal and build confidence
  • Body liberation, what it is and how to take steps towards it
  • Celebrating your sensuality
  • The importance of pleasure in life and business
  • The path towards embodiment as a business owner
  • Being a mother and entrepreneur while living with a chronic illness

I am also open to your ideas, we can use these as a jumping off point!