Kind Words from Our AHHHHMAZING Frients (that's our word for people who started out as clients and are now our friends!)

Vancouver Boudoir Photographer, Black and white photography, vancouver intimate portraits


“We just had a lot of fun. Let’s just play and experiment…but capturing that and then seeing the results and I see how peaceful I felt, I see how fun it was and just the giggling and laughing and enthusiasm and seeing the safe space being here and being photographed by this absolutely effervescent wonderful woman… this is like adult play where like being goofy and silly but also creating something together.” – Ms. M

Vancouver Boudoir Photography Studio, Vancouver Intimate Portrait


“The photo shoot itself is a really fun and exciting experience, but my favourite part of this experience is the photo reveal.  That moment when you see how amazing and fierce you look in your photos is indescribable.  There is nothing like the feeling of realizing that you are more beautiful, powerful and magical than your mind could ever believe.  Doing this has renewed a new sense of respect and compassion for myself.  When the negative talk starts to creep into my mind, I will look at the photos from the session to remind myself that I am amazing. “

Best Vancouver Boudoir Photographer


“It was BETTER than I expected – I was a little nervous and unsure of what to expect going in but I felt confident in Michele’s creative hands because of the time and effort she took in getting to know me and what I wanted. I felt SO comfortable the entire time (hello laughter!) and had much more FUN than I thought and the finish product has blown my mind. You were so intentional, thoughtful, present, generous and joyful through the whole process beginning to end. It has increased my self-acceptance, confidence, sassiness and seeing myself with a more sensual lens to embrace the complete imperfect woman that I am.”

Vancouver Boudoir Photographer, Black and white photography, vancouver intimate portraits


“I was nervous and excited going into the session. My initial discussions with Michele helped ease my nerves and assured me it would be an empowering, positive, and uplifting experience – meant to be a celebration and acceptance of myself – but I had no idea how I’d actually feel the day of! My experience exceeded all expectations, especially as the session progressed and I became more comfortable. I want to come back and do photos with less clothes! I remember finally relaxing during the shoot and how good I felt in my body and in the space. But probably the highlight would be the ripple effects afterwards! Seeing myself in an entirely new light, recognizing my beauty and strength, and noticing those positive feelings stick around (even when I’m not in full hair and makeup).”