Healthy Body Tips, Guest Post by Alex Arntsen, Personal Trainer

Everyone is always worried about what to wear for their Boudoir Photo Shoot and fair enough! But once the outfits are sorted, we at Mateus Studios encourage you to get ready, mind, body and spirit! We welcome all bodies (that means yours too!) and we know you want to feel your absolute best on shoot day, and that means a healthy body on the inside, and on the out. Anybody else suddenly have bloating on your mind? I hear ya and Alex covers that below!

Living in this busy world we don’t always have time to follow the meal plans, do the workouts, take the vitamins etc, but there’s some simple ways to get yourself into last minute tip top health pre boudoir session. But what are those things you can do? Drink more water? Absolutely, and much more. 

Woman sitting hugging her knees, laughing with head tossed back and holding a glass of water

To help us out, my friend and amazing personal trainer, Alex Arntsen, has come up with her 5 Healthy Body Pre-Shoot To Do’s to get you energized and feeling fine! And don’t worry, she’s not going to have you drop and give her 20 (tho I would be very impressed if you could cause I can’t even do one push up!). These are simple things you can easily do in the days leading up to your sexy intimate session.

Meet Alex!

Hi! I’m Alex a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach and owner of Lex Fitness & Health. I strive to help women feel empowered in their bodies as nothing is more empowering than confidence in yourself. The best types of fitness goals are things like running for the bus and not being out of breath or carrying your child up a flight of stairs with ease. I want my clients to feel strong, confident, and empowered in their bodies and to also enjoy that slice of pizza on the weekends, I know I do!

When Michele reached out to me to write this blog post to support her clients I instantly got so excited by the opportunity to share some of my best tips with one of my favourite photographers and her amazing community! I love how Michele and I have similar values with our businesses, and excited to share these easy tips to support you before your experience with Mateus Studios!

5 Tips to Get you Feeling Ahhmaazing!

1 – Ditch the Salt

The day before shoot day avoid excess sodium (salt).  While salt is good for your body in moderation, excess salt can have a bloating effect by causing your body to retain water and can make you feel not at the top of your game.  I also recommend avoiding carbonated drinks the day before and day of your shoot. Carbonated drinks such as sparkling water or soda can add extra gas to the digestive track adding to that bloated feeling.

Blond woman looking upset while holding and looking at a salt canister as part of a Healthy Body Tips image

2 – She Wore Lemons (U2 fav)

Start your day off with ½ of a Lemon squeezed into a glass of water. This helps to start your body off right with needed hydration, and, the acid in the lemon helps to move along your digestive system.

Blond woman leaning over and laughing and holding lemons in her hands

3 – My Fav Smoothie

My secret grab and go smoothie! This smoothie can be eaten for breakfast or really, anytime you want! It is full of delicious nutrients to help your digestive system work at its best potential and help you feel energized.  The other thing this smoothie helps with is bloat. Bloating can be so uncomfortable and the ingredients in this smoothie help to flush out sodium and reduce inflammation in the gut.  

Green Pineapple Ginger Smoothie


1 ½ Cups Coconut Water (with no added sugars) – A natural electrolyte-rich beverage that contains potassium to help rehydrate the body, especially after a workout

½ Cup Baby Spinach – High in antioxidants to fight inflammation and fiber to promote digestion 

2 Tsps. Ginger (peeled and grated) – Helps your digestive system relax to reduce gas and bloating

1 Cup Frozen Pineapple – Contains an enzyme called bromelain which assists in digestion

½ Avocado (fresh or frozen) – High in healthy fats to help you feel satisfied

4 Ice Cubes 

* Optional addition: 1 scoop vegan protein powder (please note if you would like to add a protein powder, please use a vegan powder as whey protein can be harder to digest)


  1. Add coconut water, spinach and ginger to a high-speed blender and blend until spinach is pureed.
  2.  Add remaining ingredients and blend until smooth. Add water if needed, to reach desired consistency. Serve immediately.

Nutrition Information: Calories 316, Fat 15 grams, Carbs 47 grams, Protein 4 grams.

Blond woman with lips puckered and a green moustache from a green smoothie she has been drinking and holding

4 – Stretch It Out

When we get nervous (which is a pretty common thing before trying something new) our bodies tend to tighten up. If you’re able to, try to move your body in the days leading up to your boudoir session. Go for a walk, do some yoga or some simple stretches at home. And on the morning of your session you should definitely take some time and do some calming deep breaths along with some basic stretches. Get limbered up to help keep you from being too stiff. You don’t want to look uncomfortable or stiff in your photos.

5 – Mastering Mindset

In addition to some deep breaths, let’s get your head in the game!

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”  ~Buddha

Affirmations are the perfect way to get your mind on a positive path, and when your mind is calm, your body will feel the same. Stand in front of a mirror and speak out loud to yourself about anything that will make you feel good. I like to resort to the kids book “The Little Train That Could” and say to myself: “I think I can. I think I can. I know I can and I will.” But you can google affirmations and find what speaks to you. It could be about confidence, loving your body, or that you’re strong and brave. The options are endless and you’ll head into the studio oozing a positive self-loving spirit.

As part of a Healthy Body tips a woman with blond hair is laughing and holding a glass of green smoothie and the green is also on her upper lip

Thank you Alex for these great tips. I think it’s all fantastic advice for a healthy body every day, really. Oh and your smoothie was delicious! 

If you would like to learn more about nutrition, exercise or wellness, visit Alex’s website or head over to her Instagram

We’re not about perfection at Mateus Studios. We’re all about loving ourselves just the way we are. If you want to love on yourself through the gift of intimate photos that you can enjoy for years to come, let’s chat.

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