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All your questions answered!

Answering all of the most commonly asked questions below, as well as have our do & don’t list at the bottom of the page. If you have a question that has not been answered don’t hesitate to ask!
We are here to help you rock your session!

Frequently Asked Questions

• How far in advance should I book my session?

Sessions take time to plan and I book up quickly, so aim to book your session about 4 weeks in advance.

• When can I see my photos?

3 weeks after your session, you’ll be invited back to my studio for your photo reveal, where I’ll unveil the standouts from your shoot. We’ll arrange your Professional Album Design & Print Consultation on the same day.

• How do people display these photos? Any suggestions?

My favourite question! There are so many great ways to showcase your portraits. I love albums, and wall art my metal prints are a show stopper and client fav! I also have a range of al a carte items in my boutique which you get to shop in person, the best kinda way to shop I say!

• How much should I expect to spend?

It really depends on how many images you fall in love with at your reveal! Collections start at $750, and the average client invests $1700 in themselves. To help you get all the images you love, I offer a no interest payment plan. Contact me for more details.

• Where will my photo session take place? Is there parking available?

Sessions take place in my home studio, located in Coquitlam, BC. Parking is free! I have a dog at home, she is lovely and kind, just a bit loud when you get here, but if you don’t like dogs let me know and I can make arrangements for her.

• I have NO idea how to pose and feel I might be super awkward. Will you help me look good?

I’ve got your back, girl! I’ll help pose you from head to toe, and it’s my job to find the best light and the angles that will make you feel amazing. All you’ll need to do is relax, and trust me!

That said, I get that this is a very vulnerable experience, so one thing I always recommend is taking the time before your session to feel as confident as you can. Meditate, journal, rock out to a great playlist on the way over. You do you, girl! Once you get here, hair and makeup will make you feel amazing, and we’ll blast your favourite music to keep you in the zone.

• What should I do to prepare?

Planning your outfits is a good idea, but the best thing you can do is prepare yourself mentally. I want you to come ready to celebrate yourself! Come with an open mind and loving heart towards yourself. I know this isn’t something most of us practice often (if at all), but I’ll be here as your coach and your cheerleader!

To help us both prepare, I’ll give you a little homework. It’s a little bit of self-reflection and it’s really fun! I’ll ask you to A) make a Pinterest board for the shoot; and B) make a playlist of songs you love, that will put you in the zone for the shoot.

• What should I wear? How many outfits should I bring?

Bring clothing that you feel amazing in! I’m not here to tell you exactly what you should wear. Instead, I’d encourage you to think about what beauty, femininity, strength, and sexuality looks like for you. Some womxn love boyshorts, some love thongs. Some womxn want to rock the vintage band tee that they’ve had since high school. Do you and choose whatever makes you feel beautiful with a touch a badass!

We’ll shoot three outfits, but you are welcome to bring more. Colour doesn’t matter too much as I edit all my images in black and white. You don’t have to spend a fortune on clothing, so shop in your own wardrobe first, but by all means if you want to treat yo’self go to town friend and get those fancy panties or sexy harness you have been dreaming of! You deserve it!

• If I am not into nudity. Can I still have a shoot with you?

Absolutely! Just like I said above-- this is about what makes you feel beautiful and most like yourself. Once you book, I’ll work with you to plan for your session so that it reflects who you truly are. But just know that you do not need to get naked to have a boudoir shoot. Sensuality and sexuality are so much more than just nudity.

• Do I need to bring makeup?

No! I’ve got you covered, but if you have a signature shade or a favourite lipstick, please feel free to bring it! Come with a fresh face, ready to be pampered. Our amazing team will hook you up with camera-ready makeup that reflects you perfectly, while elevating your day-to-day look just a little.

• What about my hair, I am terrible at styling it!

We will take care of that too! Come with bone dry hair that’s either clean or one-day-dirty.

• How long should I expect a session to be?

Plan for 3.5 hours total. Hair and makeup takes 1 hour, and the shoot itself is about 2 hours long, depending on how chatty we get :)

• What retouching will you do?

All of my photos are edited in black and white, and retouched only slightly. I will generally smooth out the skin (removing some wrinkles, blemishes, cellulite, strong veins), but I don’t nip and tuck. Additional editing can be done upon request and for an additional charge.

• Can I have someone with me at my session?

As much as I know your friends must be awesome it’s best if they sit the session out (or book one for themselves!) Due to the nature of this type of session it can often take people some time to ease into things and the extra person there can make it a bit hard for you to relax (no matter how much you adore them!) You are very welcome to invite them to your reveal though!

• What days of the week do you hold shoots and reveal sessions?

Both shoots and reveal sessions can be booked between Monday and Friday, starting at 10am. An evening reveal can be arranged upon request.

• Do I need to bring props?

No props needed. Embrace Sessions are meant to focus on you, and props can be a distraction. If anything, flowers can make a beautiful addition. If you have a specific vision for your photos that would include a prop or two, send me a message and we’ll chat about it.

• Do you photograph men?

No, sorry guys! I have photographed men in some of the other work I do, but for my boudoir and intimate portraits I focus on working with womxn.

• Do you photograph erotic art?

No, I do not photograph erotic art or couples. While I believe there’s room for all kinds of photography, my style is a simple and timeless approach to boudoir that focuses on one person at a time.

• Will you use my images on your website/blog/social media/portfolio?

Of course as a photographer I love showing off my images to celebrate the amazing womxn I get to work with, but I take your comfort level and your privacy very seriously. At your reveal, we’ll go over your images and discuss your comfort level for sharing them. You will have the final say on which images, if any, will be shared.

I’m ready to book! Now what?

First off, high five friend! I am so happy that you want to book a shoot! Congratulations a big step in celebrating yourself. You deserve this!

To get started, complete this contact form. I’ll get in touch by phone soon after so that we can book a time and you can tell me all about your vision. A $250 deposit will secure your spot. 

I can’t wait to make beautiful images with you!

Vancouver Boudoir Photographer, Black and white photography, vancouver intimate portraits

I have a zero diet, zero negative self talk rule because we’re going for confidence! I know we all have our things-- I have them too-- and of course you can share those with me. I’m a vault and here for you all the way. Just know that I’ll encourage you to move past those thoughts and get back to rocking your session as quickly as possible.

Do's & Don'ts

• DO:

- Come with an open mind & open heart

- Prepare your mind by journaling, meditating, or listening to music

- Make a Pinterest mood board, it helps both of us get an idea of your vision

- Put together a playlist, nothing like having your own tunes on to get you into the zone!

- Focus your energy on self-love and body acceptance

- Eat Breakfast! I will have snacks, but it’s good to get you well fueled for your session.


- Get a fake tan or self-tan before a shoot as they can look, well, fake!

- Get a new haircut right before a shoot unless you’re 100% sure you’re going to love it.

- Wax the day before! Waxing can leave red marks or rashes on your skin. I suggest waxing 3-5 days before your shoot.

- Show up intoxicated or on any substance. I will refuse to shoot you in this case, and you will forfeit your session fee. If you’re worried or stressed about the shoot, contact me and we’ll come up with a plan.

- Focus on what you don’t like about yourself. We all have those areas and I’m not asking you to love them, just not to focus on them for now.
This is all about channeling your confidence!

- Stress out. I know this can be a really never wracking experience. I promise, as soon as you get here, that will all melt away.

- Come with big expectations of how you think the images should look. Oh the nasty “should” word! All bodies are different, and they’re all equally fabulous! No two people or three or a zillion will look the same in the same pose.