This is my INVITATION to be be UNAPOLOGETICally you!


I dare you to take that first step,

we will take care of the rest!

~michele xo

Mateus Studios is an international award winning Boudoir and Portrait Studio located 30 mins from downtown Vancouver, in Coquitlam BC. We celebrate everyday women from all walks of life.

You have permission to feel

Your Discovery Call Will Cover



Your Vision

We will chat about how you want to be photographed! Are you looking for a boudoir photoshoot, or do you want what most of our clients get which is a session that combines various genres and styles. You can go from favourite jeans, to getting a new headshot, to a cocktail dress, to lingerie all in one magazine styled shoot with me!

Supporting You

We are here to be your cheerleaders and to help you to feel prepared for your photoshoot day! We will go over how we do this during your discovery call.The short and long is that we am here to hold your hand every step of the way!


Products & Pricing

How are you wanting to enjoy your portraits? Do you dream of a stylish album? Do you want modern wall art for your home? Do you want something contemporary like our Folio Boxes? I will go over all our pricing and let you know what you can expect to invest in your session. We want you to wake up daily and be reminded of how radiant you are, and having art of yourself in your home will do just that!

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Let's get


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