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What is it and is it right for you?

At Mateus Studios it’s our goal to hold space for anyone who identifies as a woman to come and experience an intimate portrait experiences where they can truly express themselves.

It’s our dream to also build our online community as a safe space to celebrate not only our work but the work others are doing to lift women up. And we need your help to do that!

If you are chosen to be a Mateus Studios Cheer Team Member we ask you to represent Mateus Studios and what we stand for in your day to day life, which means being as kind and loving person and not passing judgement on others and share the same body positive love approach that we hold.

We are working to build a community where women feel safe and inspired and you will have a fun and important role in that! AND we plan to make this just as awesome for you as it is for us because we truly practice what we preach when it comes to raising people up!

The goal of the Cheer team is to bring more voices to our group, get conversation going, and build each other up. With the Facebook algorithms engagement is key for more folks to see the content we share and we figured a cheer team would be a fun way to get some energy flowing! 



We are looking for 3 women who share our vision, believe in what we do, and want to see others enjoy this experience for themselves.
As a Mateus Studios Cheer team member, your responsibilities will include:

 – Being active on a weekly basis in our private VIP Facebook group throughout your term. We define being active by 5 posts a week, which can be articles, fun stories, memes etc and engaging with our posts and posts of other members…. the key is to post things that you  think women in our group would enjoy! If you get stuck we are here to help!

You may be wondering WHAT is a post? That is a super question! 

What we are looking for are:

  • Reflections from your own experience with Mateus Studios if you have already had one
  • Articles around women’s health
  • Empowering things around body image
  • Sexy time stuff (toy reviews, lingerie finds etc…)
  • Hair/makeup tips, self care articles etc…
  • Positive quotes
  • Books & podcasts that are inspiring 
  • Self care tips/articles (think out of the box as to what can be self care! Maybe it’s gardening or doing Tai Chi, or even sky diving!)
  • Playlists of music that get you dancing!
  • Our group love food posts too! 
  • Make sure to spread your posts out, by 5 posts we do not mean 5 in one day. The spread helps us beat the darn Facebook algorithm so may folks see the posts and can engage too. 

    We want to keep things fun, light, empowering, educational etc…. REMEMBER our team has worked really hard to make this a fun safe space, and we want to keep it that way. 

What we DO NOT are:

  • anything political or religious
  • we don’t want you to use this as a personal platform for any one topic
  • anything promoting diet culture, body shaming
  • anything racist, sexist, homophobic, fatphobic, transphobic etc… now here’s the thing about these: often we are still learning or unlearning crap and we may have good intentions but our language may be off. If we delete a post we will let you know why so we can all use it as a learning opportunity
  • we don’t want anything that is too triggering and if you think something might be ALL those posts should have TRIGGER WARNING at the beginning – better yet please run those by us first. When in doubt just ask us first. 


Do you have what it takes? Ask yourself the following:

– Am I on Facebook enough to post five times throughout the week?

– Am I up for finding cool articles to share (1 a week is plenty!)?

– Am I ready to comment on posts from Mateus Studios and members in a respectful and supportive way?
– Do I want to bring joy and empowerment to others in a fun and easy way?

What Mateus Studios is looking for..

– Positive high vibe folks that can help bring energy into our group!

– Folks that truly care about what we do, and are not just in it for the shoot credits

– Women who want to help raise other women up! 

Requirements (these are non-negotiable)

– Post in our Mateus Studios VIP FB community MINIMUM five times a week by commenting on our posts, sharing your experience (using your own photos from your shoot) with us and cheering on others in the group. Your posts can be articles (one a week is fine, and comments on our posts and comments on posts of other members)

– We would like your comments to be thoughtful and more than just a smile emoji or a ‘gorgeous’ comment, we want to create substance and dialogue, so the more chatty we get as a team the more we can help others feel safe to chime in!

– Invite friends into the group that you think would be amazing clients for Mateus Studios! 

– Tag friends in posts to get conversations going.

– We also ask that you spread your posts out throughout the week, so for example the 5 posts cannot be done all in one day

– Agree to only be working with Mateus Studios during the time-frame of your Cheer Team agreement for Boudoir or Portrait photography.

What's in it for you?

We want our Mateus Studios Cheer team to genuinely believe in us and  want to reward your excitement with special perks!
Note: Cheer Team will run for 6 months from the date you are accepted. We will do periodic reviews to ensure the agreement is working for both us both.
The perks you will receive after becoming Part of Mateus Studios Cheer Team include:

– $50 Studio Credit* per week in exchange for your Cheers (5 weekly posts)! 
– Special Cheer Team pricing on a selection of our products 
– That feel good feeling that you are part of an amazing group of women raising each other up! 
– Being part of a cool ass team of women that love nothing more than raising others up!

*Please note: While we don’t want to be traffic police we do want this to be fair. We can see your engagement on the backend of Facebook, if you miss weeks where you did not do your committed 5 posts you will not be given the studio credit that week which is fair to us both. We are easy going at Mateus Studios, but we are also being generous with the credit so we want to make sure it’s fair to both of us. If you are having a bad week or month let us know! We are loving humans and get it!

You can use your credit for any Mateus Studio shoot or to purchase product/images from previous shoots or use towards a gift certificate for a loved one that you think would benefit from a Mateus Studios experience!

*Please note that your Cheer Team credits have no cash value and will expire 24 months from the end of your term.


SO how does that all sound? Are you ready to get your cheer on with us?



EXTRA BONUS: Referral Credits!

We want to reward our Cheer team for their work & dedication to Mateus Studios as much as we can do an added bonus is referral credits! 
As a Mateus Studio Cheerleader, you can collect referral credits with no limits, yup that’s right no limits! Each referral earns you credits that you can redeem for your own studio sessions/products or cold, hard cash!
Every referral earns you $100 product/studio credit (non transferable) OR $50 cold hard CASH, redeemable at the end of each month or at the end of your term, you choose! The credits are applied once the person you have referred has booked their experience with us.