Boudoir Photography Photoshoots For Nurses & Women In Healthcare


Pamper Yourself With An Empowering Experience

Boudoir Photoshoot

Nurses, Women in Healthcare You Deserve More Than A Break — You Deserve To Feel Amazing! Let’s Tell Your Story with Boudoir Photography.

Self-Care Is Essential, So Here’s Something We Created Just For You

Nurses, Doctors, Women in Healthcare I see you. I acknowledge your exhaustion. Let’s Document Your Story, Confidence, and Transformation. You deserve all the appreciation in the world. You’re amazing, and we want you to feel like it again.

Time to ditch the scrubs and say “Hello” to self-care, pampering and a fun boudoir photoshoot!

  • A professional Badass Babe Hair & Makeup Makeover
  • A glamorous 90-minute photoshoot experience
  • But most importantly…a BIG BOOST in CONFIDENCE!

Book a consultation to learn more about this offer for nurses, doctors and healthcare workers. I will give you all the details on pricing, collections, and how to prepare for your session. Let’s add some positive vibes to 2021 with something to look forward to! Rejuvenate your body and soul so you can keep kicking ass. Click below to book your personal one-on-one consultation and to book your Boudoir Photography Photoshoot — I’m looking forward to meeting you!