Michele Mateus, Vancouver Boudoir Photographer, Black and white photography, Vancouver intimate portraits


Okay, we may not be friends yet, but we will be!

My name is Michele Mateus, and I’m an intimate portrait and boudoir photographer in Coquitlam, BC.

I believe you should exist in portraits, and take up more space in your life. I also believe you’re incredibly lovely, and I’ll be your cheerleader in that any day of the week!

There is a power in the room during my sessions that has everything to do with my clients embracing who they are, fully and completely. It’s beautiful when a women accepts themself without comparison or shame, and flaunts what they've got for themself and no one else. When they own every part of their story, make peace with themself, and stop apologizing for what they know to be true.

I’ve seen it happen, I’ve experienced it myself, and it’s my mission to pass it on. Because friend, you deserve to feel this good.

Photo credits for the amazing photos of me go to my talented friend Vivian Klein.

Vancouver Boudoir Photographer, Black and white photography, vancouver intimate portraits


In 2005, Michele Mateus graduated and moved to the UK where she worked in domestic violence services as a support worker and discovered her first passion: supporting women. She moved on to working in community development, where she found a deep love for person-centered storytelling.

Now as a Vancouver Boudoir photographer, Michele has found the perfect outlet for telling stories and supporting women through art.

“I have often struggled with not being enough or being too much - and I am here to say we are all enough, right now, today! We are beautiful and it is our right to express that! Now, let’s embrace your awesome together!” ~Michele


– I’m an ENFJ (though I am really an introverted extrovert!) I have yet to dive into the Enneagram world, I am curious what it will say about me.

– I love salted chocolate anything, and will accept popcorn for any meal.

– Lipstick in bright colours is my accessory of choice.

– Laughing until I pee myself is living my best life.

– My love language is quality time & gifts!

– It’s my dream to learn how to dance like Janet Jackson in her “Rhythm Nation” video.

– If I could photograph one celebrity it would be Beyoncé.  Hmmm – or maybe Oprah – or no, actually Bjork. Oh wait – Tina Fey! Gah! I can’t pick one, that’s just pure torture.