Meet the Artist


Hi I'm Michele, artist, mother, chronic optimist, bright lipstick lover, and professional confidence booster.

As an artist I take my role seriously when it comes to creating transformational portraits.

I believe in the power of portraits to build confidence, to remind us we are worthy and to light a fire within our hearts.
I have witnessed beautiful transformations through my art, and I can't wait to create with you.

I am an international award winning portrait photographer, specializing in intimate portraits, boudoir,

beauty and branding photography, but more importantly I am here to be your confidence cheerleader!

Oh and just so you know, I am also a big goofball, and while I take my work seriously

I do it all to a good playlist and keeping things fun, cause we all need more fun in our lives!

My Mission

My Promise

To provide a safe space where you can express yourself without judgment. To be your cheerleader, celebrating who you are now and honouring the journey that got you here. We are a safe space for ALL those who self-identify as women,

and femme non-binary folks.

Using the art of photography, I support women to feel alive and energized through a radical celebration of self.
I am on a mission to fill women with confidence and show them they are a big f'ing deal!

- They want to capture who they are at this moment in time

- To celebrate a milestone birthday

- As a gift for a partner

- To spend a few hours feeling amazing AF!

- For the chance to reconnect with a part of themselves they’ve forgotten

- To feel sexy, saucy or flirty

- They’ve achieved a big goal and want to celebrate it

- To honour overcoming a big challenge

Basically, you can have this experience

for any reason you want, in fact you don't

even need a reason, just a purpose.

"Be a diamond covered unicorn. Unique and unbreakable."


I believe in you


You are beautifully complex, made up of a million experiences, beliefs, values, and thoughts.

You have different moods, sides, and ways of expressing yourself. Maybe there’s a ferocious alter-ego hidden in there.

Your life has taken twists and turns. You may have gained a few scars along the way, and you made it through.

You’ve navigated it all, you’re still in the arena, and you should be damn proud of that.

I want to help you tell your story, and celebrate the body that has carried you through life. Friend, you’re a warrior!

You go days (sometimes weeks, months, or years) taking care of everyone but yourself.

It’s time you release yourself from the pressure and confines of being who everyone else needs you to be.

I'm Ready to be completely and boldly me!

Fun Facts

I love F words

F words are pretty great, and I am not afraid to use them! Here's some of my favourites, that will also give you a feel for who I am, my values, and my approach to life: Feminist, Fabulous, Fierce, Friendly, Fun, Fearless, Friendship, Free Spirit, Flow, Fashion, Fries! (lol, who doesn't love fries!) and you know my fav.... F*ck!

I walk the talk!

As a photographer I feel it is important for me to also be in front of the camera, to know what it feels like to be vulnerable with others and to express myself through my art. That is why you see self portraits sprinkled throughout my site and socials, because I truly walk the talk I preach.

I have often struggled with not being enough or being too much - and I am here to say we are all enough, right now, today! I also believe we need to take up more space, so I am here to ensure that happens! We are beautiful and it is our right to express that! Now, let’s embrace your awesome together!

More Fun Facts

– My love language is quality time.

– It’s my dream to learn how to dance like Janet Jackson in her “Rhythm Nation” video.

– If I could photograph one celebrity it would be Beyoncé – or maybe Oprah – or no, actually Bjork. Oh wait – Tina Fey! Gah! I can’t pick one, that’s just pure torture.

– I’m an ENFJ (though I am really an introverted extrovert!)

– I love salted chocolate anything, and will accept popcorn for any meal.

– Lipstick in bright colours is my accessory of choice.

– Laughing until I pee myself is living my best life.

Ready to Celebrate Yourself?


I'm Ready To Light My Fire!