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Girlfriend, It’s time you put yourself on the top of your list!


In my boudoir photography sessions, I get to hold up a mirror and remind my clients of their radiance, their sensuality, and their power. My studio is a space for accepting yourself, respecting yourself, and feelin’ yourself! You’ll be blown away by the amount of confidence that comes out of this cozy, unsuspecting little corner of Port Moody.

I invite you to embrace yourself fully. To celebrate your body and your story. To honour the woman you are today and the experiences that made you become her, no matter what life is throwing at you right now, and no matter where you are on our journey to self-love.

When you’re ready to hit ‘pause’ on the negative self-talk, come over! Put on something that makes you feel like Beyonce, get your hair done, and just take yourself in for a second. You’ll be blown away by what you see!

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a luxe boudoir experience
for the modern woman

I’m not going to pretend like makeup and great lighting is all it takes to reverse a lifetime of fighting against the not-good-enoughs. Girl, this self-love shit is hard! But a soul-bearing, confidence-building, just-for-you photo session is an incredibly powerful start! And this little spark of feeling something new inside of yourself? Who knows– it just might light a fire.

Embrace Boudoir Sessions are intimate, woman-centred portrait sessions that give you space to explore all the different sides of yourself. They’re all about celebrating you for you, because you deserve it! 

My sessions are about more than just your body. They’re about embracing yourself fully, in body, mind & soul.

By stripping away the shoulds and the supposed to’s, you’re revealing the most vulnerable, strong, and beautiful version of you. By capturing that version of you with photos, you get to keep her close and call on her whenever you need to.

It’s the perfect time for an Embrace boudoir session if:

– You want to remember who you are at this moment in time.

– You forget what it’s like to feel amazing AF!

You want to celebrate a milestone birthday.

– You’ve achieved a big goal and want to celebrate it. 

– You’ve overcome a hard thing, and want to honour that.


"To have that juxtaposition of being really vulnerable yet feeling so powerful and confident was amazing!"

~Ms M