See yourself like
never before

VANCOUVER award winning WOmen’s Portrait photographer

Get ready
to finally

love photos

of yourself

Over the last 10 years, photographing 100’s of women, the number one thing I hear at ALL the time is:

“I have never liked a photo of myself.”

Hi, I’m Michele, international award winning portrait photographer, specializing in creating a photoshoot experience that will transcend feeling awkward in front of the camera. The results will be iconic portraits that you will finally LOVE of yourself.

My clients celebrate how they come in nervous, yet left feeling on top of the world! They connected with their bodies in such an empowering way, putting down shame and guilt for the day to be unapologetically themselves.

If you desire to feel free in your body and connect with your femme essence in the most unfiltered way, this photoshoot experience is for you.

Enjoy a VIP day dedicated to celebrating ALL of you,
and who knows, this experience might just start a
fire in your heart.

This is your invitation to BOLDLY EMBRACE YOU!


She knew how to make me feel comfortable and open up in front of the camera. My images are STUNNING. This is not something I thought I would ever say about an image of myself but she showed me that I am beautiful and worth the time and effort to be in photos!

– Suzanne Bateman


My Vancouver Women’s Portrait Studio specializes in a modern approach to Boudoir,
Editorial Inspired Portraits, Personal Brand Photography and Headshots.

My style is rooted in my love of minimalism, creating portraits with an effortless chic vibe.

This is all about shining your light, without having to hide any aspect of yourself.


and headshots with style

Making peace with your body is
your mighty act of revolution.

It is your contribution to a changed
planet where we might all live
unapologetically in the bodies we have!

~Sonya Renne Taylor



“I am just going to sat this once BOOK MICHELE!!! She is phenomenal, absolutely 💯 had the hands down best boudoir photo shoot. The level of professionalism and respect , no words to fully describe. My experience was epic!!! And guess what she is sooooo amazing, she won an award for one of my pictures, how awesome is that?!”


“Working with Michelle was a fabulous experience. She is a calming force of nature and even managed to make sure I laughed and had fun. She is extremely professional and truly loves what she does. I’m so happy with how my photoshoot went and now I’ve even gained a friend.”


“Michele is one of the best photographers around! She is highly skilled and creates beautiful art, but she is also so kind, generous and makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable. She is my go to person for all of my professional photography needs. Highly recommended!”


This experience will be so much more than just portraits you look at once and then put away. This is your opportunity to take a step towards self acceptance, with the possibility of shifting your relationship with your body.

Photography is an art form that has the power to:

  • evoke emotion
  • inspire
  • heal
  • transform
  • disrupt
  • connect
  • challenge paradigms
  • liberate

I want to imagine a world where we all love ourselves a little bit more, creating ripples of change towards smashing patriarchal beauty standards. I know you didn’t come here to smash the patriarchy, but isn’t it exciting to think that the art we create together can contribute to doing that!

Thank you for joining me in creating art that celebrates the beauty and complexity of humanity. Together we can show ourselves and others that self love is possible.

~michele xo